Another Successful Summer Camp Year

I would like to take the time to thank everyone for another successful summer camp. I’d like to think the adult leadership for providing a safe environment for our Scouts. I’d like to thank our Scouts for their feedback on the experiences summer camp provides them and what we could do in the future to improve. Lastly I would like to thank the parents for their tireless effort in helping to provide the best possible program we can for the youth of Troop 106!

Saturday Summer Camp Pickup

Please be at camp by 10:00 AM to pick up your sons. Also be reminded that they can’t leave until our site(s) are clean, as per the Camp’s Site Guide.

The adults leaders will be back and forth to the warehouse storing our gear for next year. And we can’t leave camp until all the boys are picked up.

Please also park your vehicles near the boys site, 3A, which will make it easier for you to load your vehicles. In addition, to not blocking site 3B which the adult leaders use to load our vehicle to take the Troop gear to the warehouse.

Food in Camp

Please keep in mind that no one is allowed to store food in their tents. We have the ability to store food if you plan on bringing food to camp.

With that said, the first meal is a Campwide BBQ on Sunday Night! We wont be feeding the Scouts until then. Please either stop and feed them before coming to camp or bring up food for them to eat for lunch.

See everyone on Sunday between 11:00-12:00!

Summer Camp Medicals – Last Notice

We are exactly two weeks before I head to camp for the start of week 5. There are still some outstanding medicals. I sent emails to to people I don’t have medicals for or who have missing parts to the medicals.

As in the past, if you bring the medical to camp, prior to me checking it, you will have to stay in camp until after medical re-check. I can’t be responsible for missing information on your medical, which could’ve been taken care of previous to attending camp.

If I have your original medical, I will bring it to camp. If you emailed or texted me your medical, please bring the original to camp with you.

Repost – Summer Camp Procedure

Please review the links below for directions to get to camp, especially if you haven’t been to camp before. Also attached is a map of the camp, the boys are staying in site 3A, and contact information for the Camp Aquehonga. Please park near site 3A to drop off your boys. The roads are bad in camp and coming to site 3B is not advised.

Cellphone service is spotty to non-existent in camp. If you need to contact one of the leaders, it would be best to call the camp and they can contact us.

Please drop off your boys on Sunday by 11:00-12:00 and pick them up on Saturday at 10:00. Please remember to leave some time when picking up because no one leaves until the camp is clean and the Senior Patrol Leader and/or Scoutmaster says in OK to leave. The Scoutmaster must be informed that you are leaving. Please remember to be on time when picking up your boys.

Please bring your hard copies of the Summer Camp Medical with you to camp. I will bring the copies you either gave me or sent me.


Aquehonga Camp Map:

Contact Info

Measles Vaccination Update For Adults Only!

If you are unable to provide documented proof that you received two measles vaccines, you must go to your doctor. If you were born before 1958, you don’t have to worry about documenting your vaccines.

However, it has recently come to my attention that doctors may or may not give you a measles vaccine without going for a blood test to prove your immunity. The results for this test take up to a week to go back to your doctor. Once the results are reviewed, then your doctor will give you a vaccination. Keep in mind that immunity wears off over time and you may need two vaccinations. In that case you will have to wait 28 days before you can get your second vaccination. You don’t want to run into a time issue with summer camp coming up so soon. Don’t delay.

Reminder For Summer Camp Medicals

There are only three more opportunities to hand deliver medicals to me. This coming Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22 at Harry and Matt Bulter’s Eagle Projects and Tuesday June 25 at the troop BBQ. After that, you will email or snail mail them to me. As a reminder, if you come to camp with your son’s medical and I have not seen it prior to your arrival at camp, you will be required to stay in camp until after your son goes through medical recheck. Last year that was at 4:00 PM on Sunday. I wont accept a medical from you at camp.

The National BSA policy is that your son will not be able to participate in any events until a medical is submitted and re-check is complete. Please keep in mind that your son is required to have two measles vaccines (MMR) and must provide proof that he has them. Merely writing it on the medical is not enough proof. The measles policy also applies to all adults born after 1958.

Please keep in mind the following while preparing the medicals:

Page 1: Signed by both parent and youth

Page 2: Health Insurance Information including policy number

Check boxes completed

Page 3: Allergies and Medications completed

Immunizations Completed

Page 4: Filled out by Doctor and signed by Doctor

Page 5: OTC Form signed by Doctor

If you are staying for more than one week, you must prepare the Meningococcal Response Form.

I also need a copy of Health Insurance Cards, front and back.  When you email me the completed forms, please indicate whether or not your son is going for week 5, week 6 or both weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, [email protected], if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Committee Meeting Friday, June 14 – Revised

We will be having a Committee Meeting on Friday, June 14.  Please be there at 7:00 PM. All parents, adult leaders and committee members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you are currently a chairperson but are unable to attend, please reach out to our Chairman, Pat at [email protected] or Paola at [email protected] before Friday.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Old Business
  • Seabase Update
  • Wilderness Survival First Aid
  • Alumni Dinner
  • NYLT
  • New Business
  • Committee Reports
  • Troop BBQ
  • Boards of Reviews