Current Status of Advancement in Troop 106

Our Assistant Scoutmaster, Andrew Vannata posted this on Facebook. I am reposting it here for those of you who don’t have Facebook.

Hello Parents:

While meetings are cancelled indefinitely and most of your boys are housebound it is a perfect time for them to keep busy by working on merit badges. The higher ranks (Star and above) require a certain # of merit badges to be completed in order to achieve the rank. Packets for these merit badges can be found online. We have merit badge counselors for the following badges:

Eagle required:
Citizenship in the community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the world
Contact Anthony Zalak

Eagle required:
First Aid
Contact Kenny Ash or John Coppa

Eagle required:
Contact Anthony Zalak or John Mohr

Eagle required:
Family life
Emergency preparedness
Contact Andrew Vannata

Eagle required:
Personal management
contact John Coppa

Electives… 21 badges are required for Eagle which leaves room for elective badges

American business/John Coppa
Indian Lore/Andrew Vannata
Digital tech and programming/John Mohr

Please keep in mind that in keeping with youth protection standards we cannot have direct communication with the boys without the parent being a part of the text/call. We are working on a system perhaps using Skype to keep advancements moving along during this extraordinary situation. More info to follow, but in the mean time the boys can download the packets, and start work on the written questions, study for the oral questions, or work on the projects/regimens/tasks required for said badges. We will be in touch.

Anyone interested in Family life, cooking, emergency preparedness, or Indian lore that has questions can contact me Andrew Vannata at [email protected] Once again please do not have your boys contact me without CCing you on the conversation.

Once again we are working on keeping the scouting program moving and utilizing unconventional venues to do so. Stay safe and be well.

Assistant Scout Master
Andrew Vannata