Repost – Summer Camp Procedure

Please review the links below for directions to get to camp, especially if you haven’t been to camp before. Also attached is a map of the camp, the boys are staying in site 3A, and contact information for the Camp Aquehonga. Please park near site 3A to drop off your boys. The roads are bad in camp and coming to site 3B is not advised.

Cellphone service is spotty to non-existent in camp. If you need to contact one of the leaders, it would be best to call the camp and they can contact us.

Please drop off your boys on Sunday by 11:00-12:00 and pick them up on Saturday at 10:00. Please remember to leave some time when picking up because no one leaves until the camp is clean and the Senior Patrol Leader and/or Scoutmaster says in OK to leave. The Scoutmaster must be informed that you are leaving. Please remember to be on time when picking up your boys.

Please bring your hard copies of the Summer Camp Medical with you to camp. I will bring the copies you either gave me or sent me.


Aquehonga Camp Map:

Contact Info