Campout Planning Checklist

Troop 106 is always looking for volunteers to help run the troop.  Without the parents and other interested adults that participate in fund raisers, troop positions, Board of Reviews, just to name a few, Boy Scouts could not function.  Sometimes a parent would like to help but does not know the opportunities or doesn’t want to take a position that takes several hours a week.  Planning a trip for the troop is a way you may be able to help.

  1. Select a trip
  2. Identify which adults will be attending the trip one must be a trained leader
  3. Identify transportation needs
    1. Will you be using the trailer , who will pull it?
    2. If not using the trailer what equipment will you need and how will you get it there?
  4. Review Guide to Safe Scouting for any limitations or training required for the trip.
  5. 45-60 days prior to the trip
    1. secure a campsite and make reservations for any equipment rentals
      1. You will need to plan farther out for popular trips such as the creeper trail, i.e. 3-4 months.
  6. Get any equipment or facility release forms that need to be signed by parents when making reservations
  7. 4 weeks ahead of the trip
    1. Promote the trip by communicate detailed information to the scouts regarding the trip
      1. during circle up at the meeting
      2. email blast
      3. flyers
  8. 3 weeks before the trip
    1. Confirm all reservations
    2. Pass out permission slips and release forms if required
      1. The slip should include cost, dates time of departure and time of return
      2. Examples of these forms can be found under the forms section on the website
      3. Cost will be $12 for food+$1 for fuel + any camping and equipment fees/number of scouts + Transportation cost (Gas) divided by the number of scouts)
  9. 2 weeks before the trip
    1. Fill out a tour permit and send it to the scoutmaster.  He will double check the Tour Plan and send it to the Council. An example of a Tour Plan can be provided to you by the scoutmaster
    2. How many cars (seatbelts) will you need
    3. Provide list of attendees to Scoutmaster
  10. Day of trip, pass out maps to the drivers, be sure to have all cell numbers, get there early and enjoy