Last Summer Camp Post

Hello Everyone,

This will be my last summer camp related post. By next week I’ll probably be at camp setting up for our two week stay. Please remember that August 1 is the deadline to get me your medicals or if you owe me anything. You will have to bring it to camp, when you come, after August 1.

Please arrive by 11:00. When you arrive at camp, please park near site 3A. This is where the boys will be staying, it will make it easier to unload and you wont be blocking the road. Below is a map of Camp Aquehonga and directions the camp has provided.


At one of our last troop meetings, we went over everyone’s meritbadge schedules. The boys were told to keep a copy of their schedules. Please bring them with you to camp. I do not have their meritbadge schedules.

When you enter the camp from Crystal Lake Road, follow camp road to stop sign.  You will be directed to where you should park.  If for some reason you must drive to the campsite, even though this is discouraged, as you drive up Gordon Bennett Way, please park at Camp Site 3A, which is right on Gordon Bennett Way.  Do not drive to Camp Site 3B as that road in narrow and other Camp Sites are along that road.  Your vehicle will be blocking the road.  If you need directions, look in this folder for additional information.  Do not call the leaders at camp.  Cellphone service is spotty at best and we most likely will not receive your call for days.  Call: 845-252-2023.  This is the camp office number which is monitored 24/7.  They can give you directions and/or contact use and we can reach you with a hard line from the office.

Coming from New York City Via the Palisades Interstate Parkway: Travel to and take the Upper level of the George Washington Bridge (I-95 west). On the New Jersey side take the first exit on your right onto the Palisades Parkway going North. Go North for 35 miles to exit 18, Route 6. Bear left onto Route 6 at the fork. Travel half way around the traffic circle and continue on Route 6 West for 6 miles to Route 17 West. Take Route 17 West for 44 miles. Continue at “Directions from Monticello” below.

Via the New York State Thruway: Take the Major Deegan Expressway (I-87 North). This becomes the New York State Thruway and crosses the Tappan Zee Bridge to Suffern. The Thruway continues north as I-87. Get off the Thruway at Exit #16 (Route 17). Take Route 17 West for 44 miles. Continue at “Directions from Monticello” below.

Directions from Monticello: Get off Route 17 West at exit 104 (Monticello Raceway/17B). Follow the signs on the exit ramp for Route 17B West. Take 17B West for 6.7 miles to the traffic light at White Lake. Continue past the traffic light 0.7 miles and make a left turn onto Route 55 West. Follow Route 55 West for 4.2 miles to the Ten Mile River Camp cut off road on your right; this is County Route 26 (Crystal Lake Road). It is marked Ten Mile River Scout camps and Camp Sternberg. Turn right and follow the Ten Mile River signs to your camp. Note: Route 17B is the last time you can get gas before camp!

Coming from New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania: If you are near either I-287 or the Garden State Parkway, take it North to I-87, the New York State Thruway. Get off the Thruway at Exit #16 (Route 17). Take Route 17 West for 44 miles. Continue at “Directions from Monticello” above. If you are near either Routes 206 or 23, travel North to Port Jervis. At Port Jervis, take Route 97 going Northwest. Travel on 97 to Route 21, just past Barryville. Take 21 to Yulan and pick up Route 22, which runs into Route 23. Travel on 23 to Route 26; you will see a large Ten Mile River Scout Reservation sign. Turn right on 26 and go about 0.5 miles to TMR Headquarters.

Via GPS-based Navigation System: TMR Headquarters is at 1481 Crystal Lake Road, Narrowsburg, NY 12764. When you get near TMR, look for signs for your camp (Aquehonga, Keowa, Ranachqua or Lakeside at Family Camp).

What To Bring To Summer Camp

As we get closer to our first day of summer camp, I’d like to remind everyone what to bring to camp.

This is the official TMR list of what to bring to summer camp. To expand on this list; please do not forget rain gear, either a poncho or rain jacket. You need a water bottle and your mess kit. Your bathing suit must not have any rivets or metal attached to it. It can damage the pool. Bring your handbook and any merit badge requirements you may need for the merit badges your signing up for. You need a flashlight and extra batteries. Please bring sunblock and bug spray. Whenever possible bring old clothes and towels to camp. Don’t forget that you need to bring your full uniform.

If you are unsure about what to bring, or if your allowed to bring bring something or not, please reach out.

Summer Camp Is Right Around The Corner

Hello All,

We are at the one month mark.  Whether your first day of summer camp is Sunday, August 8 or Sunday, August 15, please arrive at camp by 11:00.  When arriving at camp, please park by site 3A so that it will be easier for you to unload gear.

With summer camp one month away, I still don’t have all the medicals and that’s fine.  You can bring them to camp when you drop your son off.  Just a reminder, if you are missing anything on your medical, all local medical facilities, except for the hospital, are closed on Sundays in the area.  You will have to go to a doctor on Monday, fix the issue and fax the info to camp.  Your son might be restricted on what he can do in camp until the issue is fixed.  Please refer the previous posts for the copy of the form to use.  I will not have extra copies of the form with me in camp.  The cutoff date for submitting medicals to me is August 1.  I will not accept any medicals past this date.

If you would like to send anything to you son, this is the format to use when sending any mailings.

“Mail arrives at TMR headquarters, where it is sorted. Once each day, mail arrives in camp
and is distributed to the site mailboxes. Please check your site’s mailbox in the camp office
after lunch and again after dinner. It is important that incoming mail has the correct information:”
Scout _ (Camper’s Name)
Troop #106 Site 3A-B, Week 5-6
Ten Mile River Scout Camps
1481 Crystal Lake Road
Narrowsburg, NY 12764-4414

Cellphone service is spotty in camp so if you need to get in contact with us and can’t, please call the camp directly and someone will get us or relay the message.  The office is manned 24/7.

“Telephone and Fax Services
Each camp office has its own direct phone number:
Aquehonga 845-252-2023 Camp Lakeside at Family Camp 845-252-2050
Keowa 845-252-2027 Ranachqua 845-252-2038
Parents should be advised that Scouts in camp are difficult to reach by phone. Messages can be delivered during meals, or between meals if a message is very urgent. For emergencies, the Ten Mile River main number is 845-252-2000; emergency calls are handled at all times. Rest assured that there is ample communication at all TMR camps for a Scout to contact a parent when needed, and for a parent to contact a Scout in case of an emergency”

You can send money with your son for camp.  We recommend $20-25.00 on average.  If you son is taking meritbadges, which require you to purchase kits, Leatherwork, pottery, etc. please add alittle more money for those kits.

I still don’t have all the permission slips for the Lander’s Rafting trip on Saturday, August 14.  We need those in advance.  Please include an extra $15.00 for the trip. If you are not going on the rafting trip and your leaving camp in between week 5 and week 6 or just staying one week, please pick up your son by 10:00 AM since we have to leave for the trip.

I’ve included a copy of what to bring to camp checklist.  Please use it and remember there’s no electricity in our camp site.

Any medications your son takes, except for rescue inhalators and EpiPens, must be in a plastic ziplock bag with your son’s name on it, Camp Aquehonga Site 3A-B written on the bag. The leaders do not administer medications. All medications, except for those above, go to the Medical Office and your son needs to go there to take his medications. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you are staying the full two weeks or staying for week 6 only, please pick up your son on Saturday August 21 no later than 12:00.  No one can leave the camp site until it is cleaner than we left and we have permission to do so.  Please don’t ask.

If you have any questions. comments or concerns, please contact me.

Cut Off Date For Summer Camp Medicals

Hello I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We are just over one month until our first week at summer camp and I’m still missing summer camp medicals.

With that said, it’s totally alright for you to bring the medical to camp when you drop off your son. You will have to wait until after medical re-check before leaving to be sure there are no issues or questions about your medical.

You still have time to get summer camp medicals to me. The cut off date to do so is August 1. After August 1, I won’t accept anymore summer camp medicals.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Message from GNYC Regarding Summer Camp

I received this email from GNYC regarding summer camp and I want to pass it on to you. As it stands, the summer camp program is back to normal as in previous years but I do not see any changes as far as the requirements for proof of Covid vaccinations. So for our purposes, we should prepare the summer camp medicals as if the vaccinations and the Covid form as still required. If this changes I will inform you as soon as I know. Any questions, comments or concerns about the medicals please reach out to me. Specific questions about summer camp program, please reach out to Anthony.

Attention all Ten Mile River Scout Campers and Leaders,

New York has successfully reached the significant benchmark of a 70% vaccination rate, as such the Governor has announced a roll back of much of the COVID-19 guidance that will significantly impact our summer camp programs.

As a result of the recently updated policies Ten Mile River’s Summer Camps at Aquehonga, Keowa, and Ranachqua, are planning to run their program and merit badge schedules in their traditional manner. We’re excited to be able to offer a camp program that will be more familiar to our Scouts and units. While we will be taking some additional steps to ensure participant safety, we can not wait to return to summer camp beginning in July, and we’re looking forward to seeing you back at TMR.

Please check out this FAQ page for additional notes and updates for this summer at TMR- This link will continue to be updated as we get clarity from local institutions and move forward with our Summer Camp plans:

We are still monitoring the situation closely and working with our local Department of Health and Sullivan County Public Health Services for any further clarification and guidance.

Troop 106- Weekly Updates

Good Evening Everyone.

Hope all is well. Just a reminder that our annual End-of -Season BBQ will take place tomorrow,  Friday, June 18th @ 7:30 pm. All scouts and their families are invited. This year we are also inviting our new Webelos Crossovers and their families. No uniforms are required!

The troop will provide the Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Drinks. We ask that each family bring a side dish to share.

Looking forward to celebrating the end of a very successful Troop Year! Hope to see everyone and their families on Friday!


Troop 106- End-of-Season BBQ

Good Evening Everyone.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our annual End-of -Season BBQ will take place on Friday, June 18th @ 7:30 pm. All scouts and their families are invited. This year we are also inviting our new Webelos Crossovers and their families.

The troop will provide the Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Drinks. We ask that each family bring a side dish to share.

Looking forward to celebrating the end of a very successful Troop Year! Hope to see everyone and their families on Friday!


Recap from Last Night’s Meeting

Hello All,

With summer camp a few short months away, I want to remind those of you that still need to submit medicals that I will be at the Year End BBQ on Friday, June 18 and that will be the last time to submit them to me in person. You can email me the medicals at [email protected]

Last night, Assistant Scoutmaster Andrew Vannata went over Merit Badge scheduling for summer camp with the Scouts. Please sit down with them and take a look at their schedules. Please also remember to have them bring their schedules with them to camp when they come.

Lastly, if you owe money for camp, please contact Anthony for the amount owed and you can bring your check to the Year End BBQ or bring it to Anthony’s house.

Any questions, comments or concerns please let us know.

Troop 106- Weekly Updates

Good evening everyone, Hope all is well. These past several weeks have been crazy with the church not being available. I am happy to announce that we will be able to meet Tomorrow, Friday June 11th at Trinity. This will be our last regular meeting of the 2020-2021 Scouting Year! We will be meeting at 7:30 pm @ Trinity in the basement. We will focus and work on any last minute rank advancement. Uniform for the night is Class B- Shirts.

Those scouts who have not yet picked out their merit badges for summer camp, will have an opportunity to work with the leaders tomorrow to select the badges they would like to take this summer.

With regards to Summer Camp, if you have still not signed up for camp, there is still time to sign-up. I highly encourage all scouts to attend this year for two weeks, since there was no camp last year. Parents are always welcome to attend. The dates for Summer Camp are August 8th to the 21st.

Lastly, our End of the Year BBQ is on Friday, June 18th at 7:30 pm. As always families are encouraged to attend. This year, we are also inviting our 9 Cub Scouts and their families who crossed over last month.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


P.S.- As per the Church and GNYC, masks are still required of everyone regardless of your vaccination status.