• Place:
    • Trinity Church (check Troop Calendar for location)
      • Upstairs (Gym)
      • Temporary Meeting Location – Atlas Mall  8000 Cooper Avenue, Glendale, NY, Suite 8312, Community Room 
  • Time:
    • 7:00PM – 9:00PM
    • Service Patrol stays to put chairs away, clean up, take out trash, etc.
      • rotates between patrols each week


  • Troop 106 always wears the Class A uniform for all travel and is the default uniform.  When in doubt wear Class A.  It’s always a good idea to wear the Class B t-shirt under the Class A to be prepared for either one.
  • Once a uniform, always a uniform.
  • Troop 106 wears the following uniforms:
    • Class A:
      • khaki shirt with all current badges (no Cub Scout badges, except Arrow of Light Knot).  The scout shop is excellent at helping you find all the proper patched needed for a new scout. LINK to official scout badge placement.
      • Scout pants: Switchbacks are popular and great for campouts and meetings.
      • Follow this Link to Badge placement
    • Class A Dress:
      • Same as above PLUS the neckerchief and merit badge sash
    • Class B:
      • TBD
      • Scout Pants
  • Useful Links to find uniforms


What to bring on a typical Campout

  • Backpack/dufflebag to place all your items in. It’s easier to manage your stuff in one bag.
  • 30 Degree Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping Pad (most body heat is lost through the ground)
  • Flash light – Head lamps are nice when trying to setup a tent at night.  :-)
  • small bag of Hygiene items: toothbrush, soap, deodorant, etc.
  • Clothing – Layering is important.
    • remove clothes before you sweat
    • add clothes BEFORE you get cold – it’s easier to stay warm then get warm.
    • Use hat to regulate your temp
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Wool hat and socks (keep warm even when wet)
  • Water bottle
  • Camp Chair
    • regular size (not the ones with foot rests, tables, etc.)  This is to be sure we have room in the trailer.
  • Rain Gear
    • Poncho’s are good, breathable rain gear is better
  • The troop provides: stoves, lanterns, tarps, tents, pots, pans, silverware, cups, etc.


Merit Badge Counselors (Adults, we need your help!)
You can help our scouts by becoming a Merit Badge Counselor.  Merit badges help scouts earn rank, explore our world, and possibly discover their future paths. If you would like to sign up to become Merit Badge Counselor, please follow these simple steps.

  1. Review the Merit Badges you can qualify for
  2. Fill out the Merit Badge Counselor Information form
  3. Send the form to the Scoutmaster.